Saturday, January 22, 2011

Posting stuff. and a lot of Everett.

I'm overwhelmed with the posts I want to post.
So I've decided to cover it all in one.

1. Lydia got married.
She has been a Montour for a whole month now.
I have SO many wedding pictures to edit.
Maybe in 3 months I'll finish them.

2. It was Christmas time.
Everett made it fun with his "ooohs" and "ahhhs" with every gift opened.
We also went sledding.

3. Coming home from the reception in Washington we had an adventure.
Highway closed + hotels full= sleeping in a gym.
I enjoyed the delay.

4. New years was fun.
Sticking with tradition we burned our Christmas trees.
and Everett ate snow and met his older twin.

5. I'm enrolled in artificial insemination.
poor cows, poor me.

6. Ellie & Kate.
We make life epic.
Having beach parties in the hot tub.
Star gazing and sledding on water beds.
Good times.

7. I got a nasty sore on my back.
My parents are convinced it's a bug, spider bite, or worms from Ethiopia.
Either way, it is looking better.

8. Everett.
He's the cutest little grub ever.
I miss him.
Alyssa and him flew back to Ethiopia this week.
Our house is too quiet.

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