Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy {LOVE} day!!

Today I woke up at 5:30 am a little happier and loving-er.
or I like to think I did.
I wore a tie dye purple shirt and red shorts to soccer this morning. 
and now a leopard sweater!
next, red scrubs.

Holidays are lovely.

and getting valentines in the mail is FANTASTIC!

If you look on the right ventricle you'll see a cute little note.
Thanks Alyssa for the Amore heart!

I was sent homemade valentines suckers! You're amazing Mel, Thank you!
Oh, and check out my cute earrings. They were a V-day gift to myself :)

And Samuel took these photos for me.
It's interesting to look at his BLOG and see how we edited them so differently.

If you missed out on getting a valentines from me, look what you missed out on!
and if you asked for one but haven't got it in the mail yet.... SURPRISE!!
Sorry that they might come late... I still love you not on V-day though :)

Today I'm planning on a V-day party for the oldies I care for. We'll be making and decorating sugar cookies. Can't wait! And then I have a steamy date with homework!
What are your plans?

Hope you have an a lovely Valentines day!


  1. Dear Kate,
    So glad you're here to holiday it up with us. You inspire me!
    Love you for being YOU!
    Loving you now & forever, Mom

  2. Kate you are so Beautiful. I love all the pictures. I wish I could rock those outfits like you do. I hope you had a very Happy Valentine's and I'm super glad the suckers didn't break lol :) Love you lots girl!!