Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is what Ellie looks like when I dress her from MY closet....

Amazing Right?
I'm usually not a big fan of winter shoots but I've done several lately for people and i'm loving it.
maybe it's the fact that there is hardly any snow.


  1. Love your blog Kate! You should check out ours: Your pictures and stories are always so inspiring:)

    1. I LOVE your blog. It makes me want to do one with my best friend who lives far from me as well. you two are so cute.

  2. Kate, nice photos. You must be back in school and be experiencing Rexburg culture shock.

  3. Thanks Larry. I'm happy with them, even in all there blown out greatness.
    Yeah, back in school. Rexburg culture shock is harder to handle then Ethiopia culture shock. seriously.