Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The necessities for studying!

To my faithful blog readers (aka: Mom) sorry I've been so MIA. 
Life can get so busy.(school, work, family, and of course adventures.)
I have oodles to tell you about. 
and I will, just not now.
now I will share my secrets to successful (hopefully) study sessions...
I may or may not be sharing these simply because I'm sick of studying.
oh well.

First: The trusty lucky sham rock head band that is sure to make everything stick in your brain!
 Second: Purple spandex and Dad's church socks. Comfort is a must.
 Third: A great big stack of note cards, a pencil with a good eraser, and calculator (depending on the subject of course)
 Fourth: and probably my favorite... Tea! Licorice flavor is WAY better then it sounds. Keeps your insides all warm and happy.

 Fifth: Of course, good tunes. Joshua Radin is always an excellent choice.

Now, lets pray I can pass this chemistry test...


  1. Good Luck on your Chem Test. And where can I get Teal Licorice?

  2. Thanks Jess! The tea came from WinCo. You should definitely try it. SO good.

  3. Good luck! Forget the tea! I want the spandex! :)

  4. Mary, i'm so glad someone else can appreciate my love for HOT spandex!