Friday, January 27, 2012

...flashback...(massive adventure/partying update in photos)

Lets start here.

During Christmas break I got together with all these lovely gals. 
We reminisced, giggled, caught up, laughed, and ICE SKATED, like pros I might add. 

After some good warming up, we decided it was time to pull out our stunts!
It didn't end well.
We're awesome.

Next stop, New Years Eve.

Ellie and I got our shop on.
We got some sweet deals, like always.

We even ate on a budget! and I just love corn dogs.

The partying didn't end with corn dogs... 

Us (yelling outside): HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Us: whatever as we continued to dance it up.

Janessa and Chloe got pretty close.

And the lovely Tristen put a hair wrap in for me
sadly, it fell out this week.  :( 

Oh, I went blonde.

And Chloe went brown.

AND THEN, Cassie called us with news... she got ENGAGED!!
So, of course we had to go see her.
We all had different reactions to it...

"AHH, I"M ENGAGED" dancing occurred.

Ellie and I had New years toasts!
oh, working at 6am new years morning was not the funnest thing. 

FOOD and the HOT TUB were wonderful.
Did our nails and watched vampire diaries. In my opinion, they looked great.

This is big news: I am now sporting a rockin' pony tail!! 
sure I have a million bobby pins in but a pony tail is a pony tail, right?

Hot pool adventure!
What started as a big group ended up only being me and Sam.
and we loved it.

We explored a ghost town and got frozen feet.
saw wildlife.

Hike to gold bug hot springs on a beautiful sunny day and soaked.

then froze hiking back all wet.

but not really.
Then we got stuck in Leadore with no gas... gas station was closed at 6. They still have pumps without a credit card machine?? yes, yes they do. Thanks Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve for saving us!!

Life is good.

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