Thursday, September 8, 2011

sometimes being a dreamer sucks.

Tonight I think I finally realized I should stop being wishful.
It's hard to make dreams work.
and it's painful when you know it never will.
but maybe I just dream too big,
who knows.
the fact is, reality always wins.


  1. ahem....time for a of my favorite things about you is that you have such big dreams and goals in life (but a little organizing class wouldn't hurt :) haha ) You can't get anywhere in life without dreams so don't stop wishing. If it doesn't work out, you'll understand why later. In the meantime, get a gelati, watch some Micheal, and vent to your bff. Its what us normal people do to deal.

  2. If you don't dream it then it will never ever come true. I say dream away and have some dreams that do come true rather than not dreaming and never having any come true.