Thursday, March 1, 2012


Do you ever have those moments when you just want to swim back in time and just live in a moment forever? I have a million moments like that. You probably don't have to guess ones that I always go back to. You got it... Ethiopia.
Or back in my soccer playing days.  
I always loved the before game huddles. Looking in the girls eyes, feeling the excitement, nerves, anticipation, and yelling a loud unified cheer. The rush when the whistle blew to signal the start of the game. That intent, focused, mind set within a game. The adrenaline of a tackle, block,  or chase down. The need for water at half time. The hope the team would play tough the second half. A swelling feeling of exhaustion. The push to make each run and kick. The satisfaction of a win or victory in defeat. The long talks and crazy dancing on the bus ride home. And most importantly the lasting friendships. Being part of a team where everyone was able to build each other up. A team that made me better through hard work, laughs, service, leadership, and responsibility. 

How about that day in high school when I ditched classes to play in the sprinklers at the park and run through town bare foot?  It was silly, simple, a bit irrisponsible but made me happy. and we can't forget the SCOOTER GANG How could those not be moments to love? I could repeat some of those times over.

We don't, however, get the chance to do that. To relive days we loved so much. Some times though, when life is good to us, we can have good days like these again, and we will forever keep those good memories in our hearts to look back on, when life seems bad.

I love memories, and I am so glad that I have mine.

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  1. I want to hug you, kick a ball with you, jump like a ram with you, and even cry a little with you right now. Love your guts Kate! This just made my night:)