Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bridging the Language Barrier

Living in a country where you don't speak the language, obviously, can be difficult and frustrating. I so wish I could communicate better with the wonderful people I am surrounded by but I can't, yet. With the gaping language barrier, I've found another "language," if you will. As I interact with others and especially the children at Mother Teresa's I've realized how loud our spirits can speak. It has been in the eyes and countenance's of the disabled I've truly felt I could understand and be understood. It has transfered a feeling to my heart and bridged the gap. The feeling grips so tightly I can scarce forget about it. Everything around me brings me back to that feeling like a bell, clanging loudly and forcefully. It makes me re-examine my life; leaving me shaking some moments, crying at others and laughing at still more. It is a feeling oddly hard to put to the back of my mind. It is a feeling that stays with me and tickles my conscience; one that keeps me up at night asking myself questions I don't have the answers to.

It is a feeling of love.
powerful and true.
and always needed,
for all.

I'm thankful for the changing feeling of love I've received and pray I can somehow spread it with others.


  1. You're doing awesome work Kate. For others as well as yourself.

  2. being extremely selfless....thats my girl! You make me prouder everyday! Love you tons

  3. You are amazing!! There aren't even words!

  4. u r one of the best kind and loving person i know ... may GOD bless u .... keep up the good work ...

  5. In 2003 we went to Kazakhstan to bring home our new 9 year old daughter - jennalise. We were thrilled when they gave her to us within an hour of landing. With fewer than 10 words in common, it was amazing that we could communicate beautifully. We laughed, and hugged and mimed that month away. It's a beautiful memory.

    I've been asked how we communicated, & never found the right words. Somehow, you expressed it beautifully.